Food Forest

“The Food Forest is an inspiring environment full of life where we cultivate food, community and awareness; creating an inclusive, respectful and resilient future for all living organisms.”

For more information on our vision check out our design principles document here

For an interactive planting map of the forest go here

Check out our plants planted document that goes hand and hand in with the map above here

The Food Forest Has started planting!

Membership is open to join the Food Forest group and become part of a guild which takes care of an area of the Food Forest.  In order to join sign up fill out the forum below.


Want to see our task list head to this link

In order to contact us to get on the e-mail list or WhatsApp chat or help out in other ways send us an e-mail

We would like to thank Edible Forest Farms 

Brass Point Farm

and Canadian Tire

for donating plants to our food forest.