Covid-19 Procedures at Oak Street Community Garden

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Oak Street Garden is a place for everyone and anyone to grow food for themselves and others and to learn about food gardening. We make decisions by consensus and have a non-hierarchical organization.

Within the Oak Street Garden area we also have a Tasting Garden, an educational Market Training Garden, Community plots, An Accessible Bed (accessible path pending), and Permanent Crops Area.


  • To make Oak Street Garden a welcoming place to all.
  • To provide education/recreation/socialization/nutrition for those involved.
  • To improve food security in Kingston by acquiring and sharing knowledge and skills, as well as by sharing food.

Garden Plots

Plot area is 10 x 10 feet. The annual cost for one plot is 20$.

How to Get a Garden Plot

Please email oakstreetgarden@riseup.net. You will get a response and be put on the first-come-first serve waiting list.

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