On Thursday, March 26, Mayor Bryan Paterson declared a state of emergency for the City of Kingston. This was a planned decision and an action taken in coordination with neighboring municipalities in the counties of Frontenac, Lennox & Addington. As a result, all recreation facilities, playgrounds and park amenities in Kingston are closed until further notice; which also includes GARDENS/FORESTS located on municipal land.


Oak Street Garden is a place for everyone and anyone to grow food for themselves and others and to learn about food gardening. We make decisions by consensus and have a non-hierarchical organization.

Within the Oak Street Garden area we also have a Tasting Garden, an educational Market Training Garden, Community plots, An Accessible Bed (accessible path pending), and Permanent Crops Area.


  • To make Oak Street Garden a welcoming place to all.
  • To provide education/recreation/socialization/nutrition for those involved.
  • To improve food security in Kingston by acquiring and sharing knowledge and skills, as well as by sharing food.

Garden Plots

Plot area is 10 x 10 feet. The annual cost for one plot is 20$.

How to Get a Garden Plot

Please email oakstreetgarden@riseup.net. You will get a response and be put on the first-come-first serve waiting list. The garden has LOTS of room for expansion, so for the forseeable future, we will be able to accommodate everyone, although you might have to wait for soil preparation.

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Proposed expansion and edible forest consultation July 17

Hi Oak Street Gardeners, There has been a lot of hard work for the last year and a half from a pile of volunteers working towards the garden expansion and addition of a food forest.  The final hurdle is approaching we have a public consult July 17th at the garden after potluck.  Please share the … Continue reading Proposed expansion and edible forest consultation July 17

Cover Crop

The garden soil should never be left bare, vulnerable to erosion and weed invasion, always put in a green manure crop. Goals & Role Increasing organic matter, earthworms and beneficial micro-organisms Increasing the soil’s available nitrogen and moisture retention Increasing the soil’s available nitrogen and moisture retention Stabilising the soil to prevent erosion Bringing deep … Continue reading Cover Crop

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